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Originally Posted by Chris Cutter View Post
Just finished catching up to the game (I was working till 9:30).

Well my first thought is that the Hurricanes are in for a long season if Cam Ward keeps being this shaky and their defense doesn't get their **** together. They're slow, they're soft on the puck and they keep turning it over (Komisarek LOL). They'd make Michel Therrien's defensive squad of 2003-2004 proud...

Random notes:

* Desharnais was flying out there tonight. He was showing some nice vision with quick passes and even showed some nice dangles (including a nice toe drag in the third).Smart play to throw it on net on his goal. He wasn't pushed around either. If he plays like that every night I will shut up. But let's pretend that facing a team like the Hurricanes is not ideal for a player like DD, they don't hit and they don't have the most mobile group...

* Pacioretty was playing the white, uh I mean right way. He was aggressive on the puck, was forechecking a lot, showed his speed (and drove to the net most importantly), was shooting the puck and was winning his battles in the corners.

* Bournival was a monster again, he was Darren Helm-lite. He was finishing his checks, he was beating defender to the puck every time and he was getting pucks to the net. Him and Holland showed nice chemistry tonight and it showed that they played a lot last year in Hamilton. Most pleasant surprise so far in the camp.

* Dumont, most noticeable he's been during training camp. I wish he'd take a page from Bournival's book and be more physical though. He made some really smart plays in the offensive zone but he was pretty unlucky tonight. He got robbed by Ward after he tried burying a rebound caused by a Dietz shot. He also set up Tarnasky for a chance alone in front of the goalie but he pulled an Armstrong and missed the puck.

* Tarnasky, is this year's Stortini for the Bulldogs I know Westgarth is no easy customer but come on, he got embarassed there.

* Dietz, was pretty solid. Showed some nice wristers.

* Nygren, didn't do anything stupid in his own end, seems more physical than Diaz. Made an amazing saucer pass to Prust on the Galchenyuk's goal.

* Galchenyuk, pretty quiet but solid night for him. Was winning faceoffs and was imposing himself physically.

* Holland, does the little plays right defensively (wasted time on the PK or blocks shots). Was forcing his passes a bit too much in the first period when he kept doing passes to nobody from his own end. Picked the pace though and had some nice set ups including a nice give and go with Bournival that created a goal. Also made a nice pass to McCarron who hit the post. Has to work badly on his faceoffs though.

* McCarron, nice drive to the net on his chance that hit the post. Had a pretty quiet night. It's pretty obvious for a kid of his age but he has to get more balance/muscle because he was having difficulty knocking over Dalpe and Palushaj in the first.

* Tinordi, quiet night for him, was himself.

* I paid close attention to Pateryn this game because I feel I haven't had a proper evaluation of his game yet. He had an on and off game but I think more bad outweighted the good he did. I paid close attention to him this game because I feel I haven't had a proper evaluation of his game yet. He showed nice awareness on the goal he scored, he kept the puck in and came in at the right time for a one timer that went over Ward's blocker. He also had another decent one timer that went to the net later during the game. He made a good play when Tinordi had no stick to block the passing lane and intercept/clear his zone but moments later a Hurricane deked around him and got a good scoring chance, right after that he pulled a Campoli and ****ed up on his clearance that resulted in more time spent in their own end instead of being able to switch the unit. He had a solid hit on Ruutu in the offensive zone. He lost a battle behind the net and fell which resulted in a good chance for Carolina. He had a bad turnover that resulted in an interception and an odd man rush for Carolina. He did a bad giveaway in the Neutral Zone on a breakout pass that was intercepted which resulted in another odd man rush and he followed the man coming down the wing instead of paying attention to the forward breaking in for a pass in front of the net. Not the best game defensively for a guy who's supposed to be solid in his own end.

* Thomas, tried to be too nice with the puck which resulted in many turnovers. Showed some nice hands but couldn't get a shot off everytime. He did make one nice pass to Nygren on the PP who fanned for the one timer.

* Collberg, had a good shot on Desharnais' goal but that's about it.

I would cut: Thomas, Collberg, McCarron, Tarnasky, St-Pierre, Dietz and Nygren for the next wave of cuts.

Hope some of you appreciated my observations.
Good comments and I would agree with most of them as well as with the cuts you suggested. Overall, I like our young defense prospects but as others have said, Carolina didn't test them too much.

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