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09-21-2013, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
What does that have to do with anything I just wrote? Nothing. But yeah, guys like Koivu are hard to love as a fan...

Considering how bad the team was over pretty much Koivu's entire tenure, and that it spans the entirety of the dead puck era, I think it's impressive how many of those "storied greats" are looking up at Koivu on the all-time scoring list. You don't have to be impressed. In fact, I'd expect you to actively speak out against those who ARE, as we're seeing.

Koivu represents blood, sweat and tears just as much as Clark did to Leafs fans - to every Habs fan outside Montreal who didn't wish he had a French last name, of course. And Clark has even less everything to show for it. Not saying that should get his jersey retired without debate. Just saying that makes him far more relevant than the afterthought you'd prefer to treat him as.
I have nothing but love for Koivu, and am still hoping that we sign him to a one year deal so he can retire as a habs, as he should. However, I wouldn't want his jersey retired. If Plekanec plays his whole career here, he'll likely be in the top 5 for games as a Hab, maybe even top 3. Same with points.

I know Koivu's accomplishments are more impressive because of his battles with health, and he Captain the Habs worst days in history. But I don't think that warrants a jersey retirement. I'm all for a unique and special way to commemorate him, a plate, trophy, wtv new idea they have..

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