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Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
DD didn't won his battle one-on-one. But his opponent didn't either. He lost the puck, but his coverer did not went away with the puck clean. The puck was recovered by a SECOND Cane player, their centre I believe, who then fumbled in clearing it away from their zone.

]Had DD really lost this battle, the D would have recovered the puck solo, he would have passed it to the centre much higher in his zone, and he would have had more transition options.
Desharnais was PLAYING THE PUCK

Cane's D take the man out
DD looses the puck

Plain and simple.....DD failed to do the play he was looking for and Canes D succeed at the play he was looking for. Clean 1 on 1 battle lost here.

Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
The guy checking DD could have taken the puck if he wanted/had to. DD was flat on the ice, and he was still on his. He let the other guy take the puck because he was right there and facing up ice, but the other guy turned it over.
Exactly...some should know the difference between playing the man and playing the puck.

Originally Posted by HTTP 400 Bad Request View Post
Exactly. DD didn't loose a one-on-one battle, he lose a one-on-two battle.

Geeze, some posters are trying way too hard!

And some should try a little bit more....

Cause i can show many you many exemple of 2 on 1 battle...but this was a clear one on one battle. The other guys is like 10 feet away from the play.

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