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09-21-2013, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
If points are what matter then Markov should be a shoe-in because he's top-3 in scoring for defenceman. And he did that in low scoring eras on terrible teams which makes it even more impressive.

People talk about cheapening what it means if someone like Koivu makes it. Personally I think having some formula based on points multiplied by cup rings would cheapen it way more. You retire a players number because of what they meant to the team and it's fans. Koivu was the heart and soul of the team for 10+ years. For Markov even though he put up all those points he never had that same kind of emotional connection with the fans.
Neither one has any business being in a discussion about jersey retirements.

I couldn't care less if Koivu was the heart and soul of bad teams for over a decade. Just makes him the best of a bad lot. As for Markov, he had a few really great years but he's not an exceptional talent. No awards of any kind for either player. No cups (not even a visit to the finals), neither are anywhere close to HOF players... why are we even talking about these guys?

No. Just no.

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