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09-21-2013, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
So what any player that scores x points, wins y trophies, and z stanley cups should get retired?

You win a stanley cup as a team, many great players never won the cup and many lesser players have. I guess if you were LA you'd chose to retire Stanley Cup champion Drewiskie over Gretzky since Drewiskie did what the great one couldn't win a cup in L.A.
Should we get out our calculators and create objective standards for this?

Steve Shutt and Lapointe are HOF players. I think that at the very least you should have this on your resume before being considered. Carbonneau (not a HOFer) was the best defensive forward of his generation and at least has Selkes and Cups behind him... I'd say he's a much better candidate than Markov.

Markov just isn't in this class of player. I don't care if he racks up more points over time... not a HOF resume and not the kind of guy who should be retired.

As a point of reference let's compare him to Guy Lapointe (who doesn't even have his jersey retired yet.)

6 Stanley Cups
1st team all-star x1
2nd team all-star x2

Not a HOF career (no chance)
0 Cups (0 Cup appearances)
0 all-star selections

If Lapointe (who has a significantly better resume) can't get his jersey retired, how does Markov warrant any consideration at all?

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