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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Should we get out our calculators and create objective standards for this?

Steve Shutt and Lapointe are HOF players. I think that at the very least you should have this on your resume before being considered. Carbonneau (not a HOFer) was the best defensive forward of his generation and at least has Selkes and Cups behind him... I'd say he's a much better candidate than Markov.

Markov just isn't in this class of player. I don't care if he racks up more points over time... not a HOF resume and not the kind of guy who should be retired.

As a point of reference let's compare him to Guy Lapointe (who doesn't even have his jersey retired yet.)

6 Stanley Cups
1st team all-star x1
2nd team all-star x2

Not a HOF career (no chance)
0 Cups (0 Cup appearances)
0 all-star selections

If Lapointe (who has a significantly better resume) can't get his jersey retired, how does Markov warrant any consideration at all?
This is exactly my point. If we only look at the numbers then guys like Lapointe and others probably deserves it. But you don't retire a player because he put up numbers, you retire a player's number because of what he did for the team and what he meant to the fans. That's why Koivu deserves it, he carried the team on his back for a decade. Markov on the other hand is in the same class as Lapointe, he has some nice numbers but not the emotional connection needed.

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