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09-21-2013, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by sk84fun_dc View Post
I'm not trying to oversell Beagle's skills, he is what he is. Agree about the PK last year, I was looking at it more in terms of the available players, not in terms of last season. I'm not suggesting sitting Perreault, fwiw, I still believe it's possible he's sitting right now not because he's not odd man out. Hard to know with all the experimenting going on, all the preseason games, Grabovski's late arrival, etc.
I figure (as I mention above) all of Backstrom, Brouwer, Fehr, Erat, Johansson, Chimera, Ward, and Laich are available to PK when healthy. Chimera, Laich, Ward, Erat should all be quite good at it in fact (and if none are on PP1 then the minutes might fit nicely).

If you're making a conscious effort to give lines 3 and 4 similar ES minutes (which IMO you should be doing if Chimera-Fehr-Ward and Erat/Laich-Perreault-Wilson are those lines) then you'll probably never have guys who can't spare the minutes for the PK. Backstrom and Brouwer may be pushing it depending on line 2's ES time and PP1's time in general, but then they were the most victimize pairing on the PK last year IINM so put them low in the order if you use them at all.

For reference, icetime distribution last season (/game):
Backstrom: 14:48 ES/ 1:31 PK/ 3:34 PP
Brouwer: 13:38 ES/ 1:31 PK/ 3:22 PP
Ward: 11:56 ES/ 1:15 PK/ 1:55 PP
Erat: 11:34 ES/ 1:14 PK/ 1:06 PP
Johansson: 13:58 ES/ 0:57 PK/ 1:39 PP
Fehr: 11:49 ES/ 0:43 PK/ 0:49 PP
Chimera: 12:19 ES/ 0:07 PK/ 0:14 PP
Perreault: 10:26 ES/ 0:02 PK/ 1:11 PP
Laich: 13:28 ES/ 2:13 SH/ 0:50 PP

Beagle: 9:50 ES/ 2:07 PK/ 0:08 PP

Ribeiro: 14:14 ES/ 0:10 PK/ 3:25 PP
Hendricks: 9:55 ES/ 1:44 SH/ 0:03 PP

Were I running things, Backstrom and Brouwer get PK time reduced and Chimera, Fehr, Ward, MoJo get it boosted. I'm assuming Grabovski gets used in a Ribeiro-like role (big PP, little PK time).

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