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11-22-2006, 08:44 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
Again, I think we're talking about the idea of the player ? From what I've seen and read of Staal #3, he's a solid 2 way player, remarkably sound for a kid that age, but I don't know if he's projected to be 'the guy'. He's playing the wing, I believe right now. Is that where it's thought that he'll stay ? Pittsburgh will ride out the development of these guys though.
Staal is a natural center. Pittsburgh is a little crowded in first quality centers He is projected to be "that" guy at a level close to his oldest brother. Most probably the 2nd best Staal. Of course we could talk about a bid for Malkin or Crosby but that would dreaming, because that basically what every team in this league is looking for, a 1-2 punch. The presence of Malkin and Crosby make Staal available for a package, I'm sure Shero received many offers already.

Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
I believe that if the team can maintain a pace that should put them with 95-100 points if you a factor in a slump or 2, they won't do anything that may lessen this year's chances. At a point, knowing what Ryder is, is more important than hoping what Perez/Kostitsyn can do.
I dont think its black or white like that. Kost could fill that spot, bur ur not limited to him and already we have other options like Grabovski. Perez however seems to be well on his way to a very good season. I was proposing Staal, but that was basically a choice only for 2009 and not the perfect example. Think about a Gomez who can come in and increase the production of everyone on the team.

Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
I still don't really buy into a Ryder/Corson comparison in truth. Corson was just a deal based on grit being valued over skill, and thinking he had enough skill to make it worthwhile. Ryder's a winger with good hands, has improved parts of his game, added some quickness, and has made himself valuable. He'll never be Bob Gainey in his own zone but he's not a problem in his own end. He doesn't play well off the rush and is best looking for openings off the forecheck. That's a weird role right now,because Latendresse looks to do the same thing, forcing Ryder into handling the puck more which isn't his game. I don't see any projection in evaluating his game, he's a decent scoring winger, he helps the team. I wouldn't be looking to move him unless something crazy came along.
We dont disagree here about Corson, but we are not talking about the same thing. There was in Corson's early years a lot of mumblings about transforming him, improving his overall game etc. When Blind was talking about "improving Ryder into a more defensively responsible player", there was a lot of that into Corson first days with the habs. Comparison doesnt stop there between those 2, 30 goal potential, seem more gritty than they really are etc.

As for the trading part, to me a first quality center comes in front of nearly everyone on this team. It's simple, a 1-2 punch in the middle is required to win championships. Gainey stated is goal was 2009, thats where imo Staal make sense, but he could also spend assets to win in the very short term I guess.(Even if I'm not convinced its the right choice with our new core still not completely established.) Swallow 2007 as a transition year and move from there if you go for 2009 or you take a bid on Lecavalier, Gomez etc if the situation present itself.

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