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11-22-2006, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by MTL-rules View Post
I'n not saying is useless, but that he is relatively easy to replace by one of the young kids. We got plenty of players like him on the team and in the system (Perez, Kost, Grab, D'agos, Aubin, Lats etc.)

I still believ that's the fundamental error that armchair analysts [like myself] make when evaluating talent/need. Goals are the most important thing, and they aren't easy to replace. Ryder has done it, the others are speculation.

Solr, I agree and I've posted before that the team has done a good job of accumulating young talent over the last 5 years. We see who contributes,who doesn't etc. I've always maintained that the team at some point needs a better 'best' player. My preference is a C, like yours, but I'm not willing to be less competitive this year or next to get there. We've been in this mode long enough. If a ufa opportunity presents itself, if a team looking to re-build wants to walk away from a contract and we're in a position to take it on, fine. I don't see sacrificing a year in any way though. They're farther along than that.

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