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11-22-2006, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by SOLR View Post
The reasons are multiples:

1) An over-reliance on injury prone players
2) An over-reliance on streaky players
3) In the past: a lack of unity in the dressing room.(FIXED! OMG)

Of course conspiracy theorist are already having a lot of fun guessing about the famous Crosby free agency in 5-6 years.
One thing to keep in mind and we never really say it out loud is that the key things about the team's 2 offensive investments, the 2 K's, said yes to the $. No one else has said yes. Overpaid a touch, ok, yeah, but at least they're here.

I believe Gainey wants the big guy too, if the Bertuzzi rumours last year are to be believed. Right now, I just don't see a good fit for a name player in terms of reciprocal needs. Might just be my lack of imagination, but sometimes on a team there's something to be said for continuity.

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