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11-22-2006, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
Maybe you don't understand this thing called a "salary cap", and teams have to follow it, and when you sign a player of Forsberg's salary, and his injuries, you have to make sacrifices to your team. Take a look at Philly, and how their hands are tied exactly because of moves like this. See the predicament they are in? You have an expensive player, with injury problems, that you couldn't move if you tried. Who could fit his salary into their lineup?

These sacrifices don't make sense for a player near the end of his career, and the price he demands. It doesn't make sense for a team to sacrifice the development of the internal youth in its organization, for a player who won't bring anything spectacular to its lineup.

Are you impressed with his 13 points, in 18 games, at the price he commands? This isn't the Forsberg from 2002.

So, go ahead and knock Saku, its obvious you don't see the intangibles he brings to this club. You think Forsberg is the leader this team would rally around? Is Saku beyond scrutiny? Nope. Is Saku injury prone? Somewhat. His eye injury would take any man out of the game, his Cancer wasn't his fault.

Please tell me what Forsberg would bring to this club, that would justify a trade for him? Go ahead, I'd love to hear it.
Did i knock Saku in my previous post ? is comparing his stats with the ones of Forsberg is a knock ?

I say everything you are talking about Forsberg is applicable to Koivu . His salary is close to the one of Forsberg , he's also injury prone , and his knees are fragile as the one of Forsberg . The only difference betwen the two , is that Forsberg is a better player . Where do you see that i knock Saku in that ?

Ask in the general board , witch one they would take betwen the two , in the present situation . I hope you are not enough naive to think that Saku would be the consensus choice ...

So , once again , where is the knock on Saku ? stop to be emotive about your idole ...

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