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Here we go again!
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
difference with Roy is, he just didnt happen to be part of a winning team, he litterally stole one for the Habs and was a key component on his second, he was also the first goalie to play butterfly. He's also seen as one of the best goalie in the history of the league. Considering every goalie nowaday plays butterfly (or hybrid at worst), his "achievement" go beyond the stat sheet. Just like Gainey who, despite not being a PPG player or anything had his jersey retired, the guy pretty much invented (so to speak) and mastered defensive forward play, Selke trophy is all Gainey.

Thing with today's players is, pretty much everything has been covered, there isnt anything really they can create/invent that would add a new dimension to the game.

I'ts also very hard for today's players to have the same impact some of the past players had, Gainey to be one of the first forwards to master defensive play, Harvey one of the first d-man to have offense in his game (leading rush and al'), Roy the first butterfly goalie, boomboom and his slapper, Plante and his mask...
True. So as of now, nobody expects a player to reinvent things. Just to contribute, be great, and part of a winning team. By the way, I would not have retired Gainey's jersey.....and it has NOTHING to do with what he did as a GM obviously. Retiring a jersey is that you just cannot portrait a guy wearing the jersey that another guy just wore. Nobody would have ever see anybody wear #9 or #4 or #10. Honestly though, for me, I would have no problem seeing another person wear #23. And while tons of people in here didn't see them a whole lot, just by how it was talked about, even the ones who didn't see them would have such a hard time seeing Travis Moen wear #10. Or #9 etc. As of now, we have no problem seeing somebody wear #25 and Lemaire was probably just as important in his own role than Gainey was. Some will say that Lemaire created Lafleur before he took the game in his own hands. And while he didn't have Gainey's style, Lemaire was EXTREMELY responsible both ways of the ice. Somehow, while Gainey created the defensive first while having some offense style....Lemaire was amongst the ones who represents more what the Selke A top offensive player who happens to be quite great defensively. Do I agree with how the trophy turned out to be...not sure. But it is what it is now.

Strangely for Markov, while I don't think his exploits are not enough to see his jersey being retired, he wears such an odd number that it will be strange at first to see somebody else wear the #79. But again, this is not the only criteria. Great performances by the player and his team, needs to be fully attached to a decision like this. And it sucks for Markov but it won't be enough. Life isn't fair....tell that to Marcel Dionne and Gilbert Perreault. They have one freakin less cup than Ed Ronan or Gilbert Dionne....

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