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Originally Posted by Starwood View Post
Hey guys, I'm new around these parts. Always loved statistics, always loved math, and always loved sports, now I'm trying to piece all of that together with some of my free time.

I'm currently messing around with calculating GVT for an NHL 13 league I'm playing in, since it seems to be fairly simple as far as not needed too many in depth statistics to calculate.

I'm using the link below:

I had a question:

When I get to calculating the offensive threshold for forwards and for defensemen:

TOCf = [sum (Gf x GVf + Af x AVf)] / [sum (MPf)] * OTV

TOCd = [sum (Gd x GVd + Ad x AVd)] / [sum (MPd)] * OTV

I'm a little bit lost as to what I'm supposed to be using for GVf, AVf, GVd, and AVd. The summation of all of the forwards goal values (assist values) for that team? For the whole league? The same question would fall into the MPf as well.

Thanks in advance guys. You have some awesome threads around here, just spent the past hour or so stalking the site
I'm also a bit confused with the formulas in the link above. There even seems to be some typos etc. I was wondering whether anyone happens to know if there is a corrected or more recent guide into calculating GVT. Would, for example, subscribing to Hockey Prospectus give access to a more recent version?

Thanks in advance!

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