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Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
Just show me one instance of off-the-ice "immature" demonstration by Subban. You are just repeating the rascist falsehood and prejudging that are prevalent around the NHL regarding PK.

Off the ice, Subban has never been anything but extremely professional, mature and respectful to everybody, both teammates and opposition. The only thing you can say against his character is that he's an extrovert, but I wouldn't necessarily call that against him if he manages to channel it properly.

Which, so far, he's getting damn good at it.

You point out leadership as some obscure, intangible quality that you can label some players have having it or not. Subban goes to the defense of teammates. Subban is always there to congratulate a teammate doing good. Subban is always saying the team counts first; and his personal achievement means nothing when the team doesn't win.

Subban was the one to start the "triple-low-5" in early 2010 to help Carey's morale after the Halakomania. While it had to end eventually, it was a great move by Subban on the short-term to help a mentally struggling teammate who was heavily criticized by his fanbase.

And someone saying that Subban is TOO MUCH the "face of the team" are dumb as ****. COME ON. Like it's a bad thing that your Captain is also the most marketable player. Captain Crosby, or Captain Iginla were sure screw ups, weren't they?
It's not a racial thing, don't make it one.

You want a captain who's a bore to the media. PK has a ton of personality and speaks his mind. I hope he never changes, but that's not what you want in a captain. You want a guy who's got ZEN self control.

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