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09-22-2013, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post

goal 1: turn-over in front of net, one-timed off the post and in
goal 2: Cross-crease pass put in the top corner by a legitimate sniper named Skinner
goal 3: Wide shot deflected off his own D into his net.

I'd say he'd like to have a big save on either goal 1 or 2. But in neither cases is the goalie subject to BLAME on any goal last night.
Again, in Price case, when you are seen as THE best goalie of the league, or top 5, or the next Canadian great goalie....being weak should not even be in the cards here. Majority of the goals should be about great plays. Where the best goalie of the league should do is save sure goals. Stopping Skinner once in a while. And coming out with an incredible save on the 1st goal. Which sometimes he did. All the saves he makes aren't easy saves. But you need those 1 goal a game performances to save your average team a whole lot of time. That's what the best goalie in the league should be able to do. It's not normal that we're actually are able to find so easily weak goals given by him. It does happen, happen to the best of them from Roy to Brodeur. But not as often.

So last night, actually, his worst moment was the 1st goal behind the net. Which is called preseason adaptation, and especially based on the fact that he was dealing with a young D in Pateryn, Price do need to learn that your first instinct will be your best one. He goes behind the net and just put his stick down as if he's going to throw the puck down the boards to which Pateryn responded by not being in Price's way until....Price backed off seeing Pateryn making Great having to deal with the puck instead. That's totally Price fault as far as I'm concerned. But not that big of a deal as it could be placed on "preseason" adaptation. But he does that in a regular game with a regular teamate and he'll be big time at fault.

Now if our team is so bad that it's totally detrimental to the success of the best goalie in the NHL, well this team is incredibly awful and need to be fixed from top to bottom. Is it the case? Are people asking to change the whole team? Strangely, I feel that the same ones who are blaming the system, the D or the team for Price lack of success, are also the ones who feel we are not that far from bring very good.....Which is it?

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