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11-22-2006, 02:35 PM
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Sharpening question

I'm an intermediate skater. For some time I had my blades at 1/2 and after awhile it began to feel and little too "grippy" I guess. Then I have had them sharpened at 5/8 which is the next above 1/2 correct? The first few times they felt like what I was going for and now the last two they just don't feel right almost lilke they haven't been sharpened. The guy asked me last time why I would want them sharpened at 5/8 if I actually played, he mentioned a lot of refs do the 5/8. I guess what I'm asking is 5/8 the next step in the sharpening level after 1/2? If it is then maybe I should be looking at t blades for a more consistent sharpen? Don't know, but I'm a little frustrated at the moment. Thanks

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