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09-22-2013, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Why in God's name is anybody talking about Tinordi as a future captain?? W.T.F is wrong with this fanbase. Can't you fans freaking control your stupid emotions and excitement about a player. Jesus Christ it's lame and pathetic.

What's even more pathetic is you think that because PK is hated by the opposition it somehow discredits his Captain potential. Is Crosby liked? He's forever been labeled as a whiny diver. Chara? The big tall freak show that almost destroyed MaxPac's face? Yea, I'm sure he's just LOVED by his opponents. What about Ovechkin?? The lovable Russian that will take your head off, score a goal and showboat in your goalie's face right after. Yup, All adored Captains..
Captains have to be liked by opponents now?? Since when is that a requirement??
Captain's aren't always respected. Their skills is. Not every Captain is Sakic, Yzerman or Lemieux.
You think they don't respect PK's skill?? Well if they didn't, they certainly will now with his Norris.

You say he's annoying about his ''PK for Captain'', well you just countered by saying a freaking ROOKIE is on another level than PK for off-ice maturity. That's right. You actually spewed this freaking crap out. Please, share with us. What do you base this on?
When has PK been in controversial situations OFF ICE? When has he done anything bad? Who has a better off season training? Who's more professional than him? Based on what??

Gorges should be traded, not given the ''C''. We need a bigger and more aggressive version of Gorges, if Tinordi becomes that, great, but he's nowhere near that yet. We should be looking to improve him. He also demonstrated his smarts when he was opening his big mouth during the lockout, and actually dissed Hamrlik because the man wanted to play hockey. Screw him, he's a twit.
Tinordi has A LOT to prove before even being mentioned in the same sentence.

You can hate on PK all you want, but saying Tinordi is on another level in terms of off-ice maturity is nothing more than crap straight out of your nasty whole.
So spare us this BS.
1) Sunday is suppose to be the day you skip work, not your meds...

2) I really didn't think I had to write captain "potential", next to Tinordi who's 21 years old, so I'll try to be more specific next time for your dumb ass..

3) What do I base this on?? Oh how about the fact has either been a captain or at the very least a leader at every level he's ever played? Even Harrington who while interviewed during the WJC praised Tinordi even a year after he left London, and said that if he brought some kind of leadership to team Canada, that it was because he tried to follow in Tinordi's footsteps.

4) what is with his hate on P.K??!! There's no hate whatsoever, he's our #1 D, that doesn't make him a captain, he plays just as Guy Lafleur played his, plain and simple.

Got that?

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