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09-22-2013, 05:19 PM
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Orlov needs half a season to establish himself, I guess. And that's an optimistic estimation.

They could count on him in the playoffs only after a good long period of play.

What we need is another C. I bet MP/Beagle/Latta are better than Fehr as centers. So Fehr/Wilson is the conflict for the last roster spot. Not Wilson over Beagle or Volpatti.

I'd give Tom his 9 games and then send back to OHL. We have enough guys who could handle 4RW position even in case of an injury.

Waiving Volpatti is a way to make left wing even weaker (and it is already weak enough, almost every LW is questional).

I do not see how Wilson could handle 82 games in the NHL and be more effective in the playoffs after that. Probably he will be as good as after OHL playoffs. It's a wash. The obvious bonuses of sending him back are: 1) GMGM's cap space 2) Wilson's TOI 3) no risk of waiving Caps players.

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