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09-22-2013, 08:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
People suggesting bridge contracts for the Oilers young stars are completely missing the point of these deals . They are all about costs certainty two years plus out from here. The Oilers are not contenders this year or likely next. But if they do play to their potential the goal would be to have cap space when they actually need it.

The goal is to win the cup not to simply be decent. If they are to do that it will be on the backs of these kids. If guys like RNH and Hall do not play up to their potential it does not matter if they are over paid. The whole thing goes down the tube anyway.

If they went the bridge contract route and all these kids played up to their billing the cost for the four with a rising cap could easily be $4-6M more than it will be under this strategy. With a cap of say $75M in a few years what would a kid who is near a ppg get with only two years to go until UFA status? That is a 20% increase on today's cap. $7.5M is not the least bit out of line.

The Oilers do not care if any of these guys is over paid this year or next. What they want to do is make sure that on average these four are providing value of the money when the team is actually ready to do something.
Not to mention there's value in locking up players the team has identified as the core and ensuring they are never left open for offersheets and/or arbitration.

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