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09-22-2013, 08:43 PM
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Originally Posted by FLYguy3911 View Post
If Gus isn't playing the PP this year, he's not playing it next year either unless he really shows another level to his game. You mention the guys who won't be here next year, but you don't recognize the fact that guys could be coming in. If Kimmo retires, you can bet your ass Homer (if still employed) is going to do whatever it takes to get that #1 guy in here (or something close).

What 4 spots are taken? I see two- Schenn and Streit. Coburn and Grossmann are movable. While Morin and Hagg may be competing for a spot, neither brings what Gostisbehere brings.

You're looking a numbers. I'm looking at roles.
I said a bunch of times as of right now meaning I'm not counting on the Flyers trading people (Coburn or Grossmann) or trading for a number one (at that point the team could look totally different anyway so it's a moot point). Or prospects making the jump earlier then most expect and running a pp as a 21 yo rookie.

And why can't Gus play pp next yr if he doesn't primarily this yr? He'll be 25 turning 26, thats not old like at all for a d-man.

I never said if someone more capable is available they won't play cause that's Gus' job, I'm saying as of right now Gus is the only other option behind Streit likely to be here.

Morin, Hagg and Ghost all play different games that's true but the best d-man will make the roster not necessarily the one with the best offensive game.

I'm looking at what's most likely based on the current roster and our situation, not the "numbers".

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