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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
Yes cammy is still doing what he does, stand around and let everyone else do the work. What a superstar, I wonder how well he will do without Iginla to leech off of.

Bourque was one of our best players last year on our top line. He was clearly suffering from injuries but why talk about that when your bias is so brutally clear.

"Ramo/Fucale" is a wash? Ya ok, we get a rising talent in Fucale for Ramo who couldn't even make it on several terrible nhl teams.

If you think Bourques addition is over-rated you aren't watching the games, put down the stats page and turn on your tv.
Bourque is ALWAYS suffering from injuries. Is there any doubt he'll get injured again this season? I guess being injury prone makes up for his inconsistent and mostly poor play in his tenure with the Habs. I see him as an inconsistent 3rd liner while others regard him as a 1st liner/even one of our best players last year on the top line. Perhaps I'm getting different footage of his play that backs up his production from online streaming.

Fucale is who Timmins drafted. Gauthier got the 36th though. It's a wash because for all we know Ramo could have a long NHL career and be worth more than a high 2nd. It's difficult to really say as not many expected Ramo to come overseas and be given the starting role so soon/if ever.

Bias is an interesting word.
prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.

cause to feel or show inclination or prejudice for or against someone or something.

In the post you quoted I gave credit to Gauthier for 2 things while criticizing him in other aspects. I have also criticized Bergevin/Gainey while praising the stuff I liked. Honest question, have you ever criticized anything Gauthier has done or given credit to Bergevin/Gainey? I assume you can since otherwise you would fit in as textbook bias.

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