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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Legitimately curious--why does Pettitte get a free pass on the steroids thing? I know he eventually came clean, but not after lying about it repeatedly. It's mentioned so rarely and I don't get why, considering most other admitted abusers are usually labeled as cheaters first and foremost.

I don't particularly care about PED use in sports. Just never understood why some guys are forgiven so easily.
I think pitchers get a pass because the ped use is for recovery purposes. It doesn't allow you to pitch faster or throw a better breaking ball, it just allows you to maintain your natural level without a prolonged recovery period.

Plus Pettite brought up his PED use on his own during his retirement press conference. Thought that was pretty big of him.

Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
I think they should let them all in. No way of telling for sure who was using and who was not, and honestly there's no way to quantify what impact it had on the game. Rather than basically whitewashing a whole era, I'm inclined to just treat it the same as the rest.
Yeah, ummmm, no thanks.

Originally Posted by RGY View Post
He holds the record for most postseason wins in yankee history and was a part of all 5 WS championships. He is a Hall of Famer.
No. That gets his number retired. Hopefully they wait 10 years, but i think Andy should be in monument field. Along with Jeter and Rivera, and that's IT from those dynasty years.

Bernie is a close, close call... but those World Series numbers...oooofah!

But the ALCS numbers are great...ok maybe 51 should be retired.

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