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09-23-2013, 02:24 AM
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Originally Posted by danishh View Post
i've been told by an usher that as long as you dont bring a dslr, you should be fine. It seems small (lens) slr's might be ok, but that's up to the discretion of the usher.
As a former usher, I can tell you that unless they've changed the policy in the past year, the official policy at CTC mirrors the NHL's official policy (ie: "no recording devices, no detachable lenses"), although the unofficial policy is "as long as you're not bringing in a pro rig into the arena, and as long as your camera isn't bothering other guests, nobody cares".

So yeah. Unless anything has changed, the policy is "don't be a douchecanoe, and if you have a pro rig... you'd better have a press pass a well".

Ushers will enforce the OFFICIAL camera policy (no detachable lenses, no video recording of any kind) if you insist on being a fartbar about it to either the ushers or the guests seated around you.

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