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09-23-2013, 04:56 AM
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Originally Posted by hogtownhabsfan View Post
Beat me to it! Watching the Leafs/Sabres highlights, were ya?

At least Orr and McLaren are nursing injuries as well.
Leaves/Sabres highlights? Yup! I saw that! But, it's more about last year and the years before that as well (goons going after our smaller players, non-fighters,etc). I want more protection for our top 9 forwards and dmen (just in case, and...hoping Parros and Murray will help us in that department).

Maybe Parros and Murray don't even have to fight a lot...just as long as goons like Orr and McLaren don't pull any **** with our Habs.
I want them there to watch over our case!
(players below):

<Parros (recent CTV sports news...he's not 100% but he's practicing and hoping maybe to play 1-2 pre-season games to see how he does).
<Tarnasky? (can he protect some of our players? will he get 3-4 NHL games this season?)
<Prust (but I don't want Prust to have to fight as often as last year...he had no more gas left for playoffs which is great for the opposition)
<Moen (hoping the old Moen can come back...good 'ol warrior-Moen)
<Tinordi (like Prust...I don't want him to fight too many goons...we need him one day for our top 4...great potential in J.Tinordi...I don't want him spending all his time in the penalty box since we need him to keep improving his development which is going very well).

p.s.: wondering if Kessel said something to Scott? (what caused Scott to go after Kessel? no reason? anyways...). Watch us get Scott in 10yrs!
Once Emelin comes back...we could potentially have four dmen who can throw huge bodychecks in Subban, Tinordi, Murray and Emelin, so...lots of retaliation! (we're going to need Parros, Murray, White, etc!!!). Funny...some teams that were bullied by the Leaves and Bruins in the past are now getting fed up and doing something about it (ex: Sabres and Scott, and maybe our Habs soon!...not agreeing with what Scott did but didn't see the entire segment...but fed up of Orr sucker punching our players...I want Parros, Murray, White to take care of Orr, McLaren, Lucic, Chara, Thornton, etc, or keep them clean/quiet/polite).

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