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09-23-2013, 08:25 AM
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Originally Posted by FLYguy3911 View Post
If you're not going to think outside of the box a little bit, why have the debate? That's like saying 'as of right now, Emery and Mason aren't under contract next year so Cal Heeter is the only other option'. No. It comes down to I don't think he's good enough to run a PP. Could it change? Maybe, but right now he's just a guy you throw out there in a pinch and hope for the best.
No I would say Mason is an RFA after this year and would be the go to guy. There is also a large UFA market of quality goalies next season the same can't be said for defensemen, specifically number one defensemen. It's no the same, like at all. Free agency and trades are entirely two different animals.

If he can't get PP time this year I don't see him getting a chance next year just because Timonen may not be here. It has nothing to do with his age. It tells you what they think about his ability. You're not going to take a guy out of a role for an entire year and then the next year just simply reinsert him.
Yeah, it tells you they think he's not as good as Kimmo or Streit on the point. That's it. Again if no one better is available he'll be there, that's all I've ever said and I don't see how anyone can deny that.

The funny part about this whole thing is we are assuming he's playing a regular role this season. As it stands, the team currently has a slew of left handed defenseman.
Well obviously if Mez is still on the team I would think he'll be that number six guy getting the tertiary pp minutes.

In regards to Morin, Gostisbehere, and Hagg, you take the guy who's going to help your team win. If you need a puck mover with PP capabilities Gostisbehere is going to be the guy. If you need to add size, Morin's going to be the guy. The former is a more likely scenario. Morin may be able to defend better than Gostisbehere, but if I still have Coburn and Grossmann, he's kind of redundant. We saw last year what happened when we tried to improve our team defense by adding guys to strictly play defense. Everyone wanted Carle out of town but this team missed him whether people want to admit it or not.

And I see a lot of people expecting Hagg to compete next year. I don't see it. He's a nice looking prospect, but he went in the second round for a reason. He's got things to work on and he doesn't have a standout trait like the other two. He's good at a lot of things, great at nothing, which is a OK, but that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be in the NHL sooner. He's not Brodin. Go look at past drafts. When was the last time a 2nd round defenseman played as a 19 year old let alone a European? I went back to 2008 when Josi and Voynov were taken in the second round of a pretty good draft. They both needed three full seasons before becoming NHLers. I could see Hagg playing next year in Sweden and then needing another year (or most) in the AHL to adjust to the NA game.
I don't think I said Morin or Hagg will be playing in the NHL next year. All I said is that they would be competing for a job around the same time as Ghost, which I think is minimum two years. And you're not giving Morin enough credit. He's much more then just size, he's an excellent skater and while he may not have the offensive potential of Ghost he moves the puck very well. Similarly many consider Hagg to be a steal in the 2nd round cause some had him ranked as high as 25 (Flyers if I'm not mistaken). If the Flyers think he's a 1st round talent based on their scouting, conversations with Forsberg, Renberg and all that I wouldn't consider him a second round talent. The Flyers think he's gonna make a good 2-way d-man so again jack or all master of non may apply but saying that is selling him short IMO, he's a silky smooth skater with a wicked shot not unlike Ghost's one-timer. Maybe I'm just more confident in the Flyers scouting staff as well as the improvements he's gonna make playing on the top d pairing for MODO in the next year or two.

I think bottom line is I would probably be more comfortable with a better defensive defensemen with good size who is capable of putting up around 20 or so points a season (Morin and Hagg) compared to a undersized defensemen who needs to work on his play in his own zone who can put up 30+ points (Ghost). I think both formers help the team out more then the latter especially considering Streit will still be here and Gus will still be an RFA.

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