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09-23-2013, 09:06 AM
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Originally Posted by NugentHopkinsfan View Post
Because he's tough, but he is always a step behind just like Bernier was, misses easy chances just like Bernier did, lacks hand eye coordination just like Bernier did, can float just as well as Bernier, he actually finishes way less checks than Bernier, scored way less in junior than Bernier. but no he's better than Bernier right?
How many games did Berni get with the top 6 before he was deemed a bust. And don't give me this horse **** answer that AV successfully brought up the core because as far as the core is concerned, I give it more to Crow who started that development and AV just built off it.

AV has no ****ing clue when it comes to developing kids. Lemme know when you can think of one player he really developed after he arrived in Vancouver. Edler is more of a Bowness development btw same with Tanev. Go on i'ill wait boo boo.

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