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Originally Posted by Shadowrunner View Post
From their site:

Adaptive 800-3500Kbps
up to 60 FPS
up to 720p HD (60 FPS)

I'm not as clear on the technical aspects, but the games look almost as good as they did in HD on MSG last season. I upgraded from a 40" to a 60" over the summer, and that may be why the visuals aren't as crisp -- that kind of screen estate really needs 1080p.
MSG doesn't air in 1080p, that's very rare for a network to air something in 1080p. It's almost guaranteed to be 720p (or 1080i), but the difference is in the bitrate.

Bitrate (kbps) defines how much information each second of video is carrying. So a bitrate of 3000kbps, means that every second you are being fed ~3MB of data. That's why a 720p stream with 6000kbps bitrate is sooo much better than 3000kbps. Ofc, at a certain point it won't matter as much, and a higher resolution means the bitrate difference will be much more noticable, hence the 1080p.

The encoding of the video is also very important. A 720p@3000kbps with terrible encoding (see GameCenter) produces a lot of blocking and artifacts, and especially fast moving scenes makes bad encoding look so much worse. A 720p@3000kbps with great compression can make the whole thing look so much better. It's definitely noticeable.


Then of course there's the FPS (frames per second). Imagine one second of a puck being passed from one person to another. In a 30fps video, that one second is compromised of 30 frames. In a 60fps video, it's 60 frames. The pucks position on the ice will be updated twice as many times in a 60 fps video, giving much smoother motion in fast paced scenes, which is why for sports, 60fps is the gold standard.

Just figured I'd give people a very basic understanding of streaming and video technology I'm by no means an expert, but here's the basics in laymans terms

************* does give that information, yes, but when they say "up to 60 fps", what does that really mean. Is that only for one match a year? Only for one network provider? I'm sure it's a lot better than gamecenter though, so I'll probably test it for a month in october

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