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09-23-2013, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Adriatic View Post
Subban is a great player, a complete stud but no way would I ever let him be the captain of the team. He is too emotional and still has trouble keeping his cool. He is by far our best player but it's easy to see how his personality can annoy the hell out of his teammates. Nothing wrong with that, you can be a great player but just not captain material. I really believe a captain should be more of level headed cool type of personality. It's like Claude Lemieux for example, great player and great playoff performer that any team would have taken...but no way can he captain a team, he annoyed his own teammates almost as much as the opposition. I don't want PK to have to deal with being a captain and get carried away with it like he gets with most things already, let him concentrate on just playing because that's where we need him. The guy is already one of those busy bodies that never shuts up or never stops moving..getting him involved with the captaincy is asking for trouble.
I must have imagined Toews losing his cool and needing Seabrook to calm him down in the POs last year. Ya, I totally dreamed that.

Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Yeah, while incredibly premature, I don't understand any resistance to his suitability as potential captain material. Captained his youth team, the US U-18s, and London, and certainly has the demeanor and presence.
It's not that there's resistance. It's that it's too early to the point of being useless. He could just as well end up being O'Byrne. It's also the fact someone said Tinordi is more mature than PK.

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