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09-23-2013, 10:25 AM
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Looking at back at some of the drafts, few more little observations.

2008 is becoming more comfortable to assess at this point. Markstrom is actually the hardest to project (which is natural for the position).
Robak is now in the critical zone. I don't think the upside is there to be anything more than lower end reliable PMD, but time is running out. After 3 years in the AHL, the jump needs to made sooner rathan than later.

Comrie isn't with the organisation anymore, though he's actually made progress recently.

Jenks can be written off.

Bartowski seems to be a borderline NHL player for the Bruins, though i am completely unaware of whether he is likely to stick with them this year.

All in all, 5 years later and the draft is still of hope rather than results. Markstrom of course hopefully will make this draft a worthwhile exercise, whilst hope still exists that Robak may be a servicable NHL defenseman. With so few picks (and no 1st round pick) expectations can't be that high, but the fact we still have no concrete performer from this draft is a little disappointing.

2009 is in that zone where assumptions begin to become a little more concrete. We got two NHL players with our first two picks. Hard to fault that. Kulikov incites differences of opinion between fans, but he's a talented player with remaining upside and furthermore, value. Shore has progressed nicely at all levels since draft day and with his size, intelligence and level of responsibility, should be able to assume a long and stable career in the NHL as an average scoring forward to a great defensive 3rd line center.

The rest as far as the Panthers are concerned represent little hope of any further fortune. Birkholz has disappointed at every level since draft day and can effectively be written off. The speed and shot hasn't amounted to any tangible performance or production.

Wilson too, can effectively be removed from the memory as a significant NHL prospect. He still hasn't established himself as an AHL player 2 years removed from graduating from the OHL.

Knight will be interesting to follow. Progressed nicely since draft day and possesses good size, skating and defensive abilities that project him to be a servicable NHL player. Unfortunately wasn't signed, but that is hardly the fault of our scouts. Usually, if a late round prospect still has obvious NHL credentials 4 years + from the draft, it's not a bad selection at all.

Megan like Knight hasn't had a full pro year yet, but has much less NHL prospects. Signed on AHL contract for this year (as far as i am aware). Wouldn't hold out of a ton of hope, but faces a critical year ahead.

Timmins is a curious draft pick. Not much upside or NHL level offensive abilities, but has seen some NHL action and performs his role admirably. Problem is, it is a competitive world for the type of role he is trying to fill. NHL future is undetermined, whether it be with Florida or somewhere else. Dime a dozen player, but for a 6th round pick to still be around means it is difficult to criticize the selection.

A solid, if unspectacular draft. Can't complain.

2010 is a little harder. Majority head into important years of their development. The 1st round selections have been assessed by many, so no need to look there. Big years for McFarland and Petrovic. Petrovic needs to take that step into being an NHL player, whilst McFarland needs to cement himself as an AHL player. Petrovic is a much more interesting player at this point.

I assume Brickely is finishing his college career this year. Don't like him as a prospect, so no interesting upside there. Never really liked the pick, don't like it now. Need to see major improvements to rekindle any realistic NHL aspirations.

Basaraba isn't a legitimate NHL prospect.

Brittain was a promising prospect who has had injury problems. Final year of college and needs to rebound.

Gallacher returns to college i presume this year. Long-shot.

Donskoi no longer in the system and isn't an NHL prospect. Just never progressed from a promising 18 year old season.

Hyman isn't a legitimate NHL prospect at this point.

Durocher isn't on the NHL radar anymore.

Boyd is someone i frankly know nothing about.

Basically, this draft will live and die by the success of its first and second rounders. The rest of the draft has flamed out already. I don't see significant upside in Howden and i need to see Bjugstad translate his offense to the pro level. Gudbranson will be a good NHL player, but we took him at #3 where you are practically guaranteed to get an above average NHL player.

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