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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
Here's a few things I know as a goalie (and any logical human being should know)

Players can't score from the sideboards.
They can't score from behind the net.

Wingers are supposed to go cover the point men and engage along the boards.
Centers come down low to help defenseman out and try to get the puck transitioned up the ice.

Defensemans primary goal is to defend. So they will stop the oncoming rush and once offensive zone pressure is established, they drift back toward their goaltender to defend the crease and slot area. The minute as a defender you get drawn behind the net or to the side boards, YOU OPEN UP THE ICE THAT MUST BE DEFENDED.

I'd love to see what you think your defenseman should do, because if you think they should start chasing behind the net and to the boards, well, that's when everything breaks down and chances happen.

Why do you think coaches, goalies and teammates are irate when defenseman bite and go behind their own net? When the man they are covering goes behind the net, you stand on the post and don't allow a) pass outs into the slot b) wrap-arounds and c) net drives.

Smart defenseman take away the ice that forwards want. They force players to put pucks into defended areas or make bad decisions to try to get to the ice they want. Bad defenseman chase the puck and the play and end up behind it most of the time. Where was Bouillon on all of those clips? Sucked up the boards.. chasing the play and causing breakdowns all over the ice SIMPLY because he doesn't understand that you don't chase the puck into quiet areas where there is NO perceivable threat.

I'm done with this discussion. If you can't understand these simple notions of what defenders are supposed to do, then I can't expect you to actually understand why Bouillon is an atrocious defenseman.
Originally Posted by David Thicke View Post
I have to agree with you. As a minor league coach teaching kids ages 7-16 to play their own positions not the other guy's. I am constantly telling them not to follow what the NHLer's do. Defenseman are named that because their job is to DEFEND whether it's their end of the rink or the oppositions blue line keeping the puck in for the forwards. If I want all this offense out of my defensemen then I'll make them forwards. The defensemen's job is to get the puck up the ice and out of his zone and don't moved up the ice until you done that. Never leave the front of the net until the puck is out over the blue line.

If the other team can score from a bad angle on the outside along the boards or the corner of the rink or even behind the net then it's the goalie's fault unless of course the puck is deflexed or goes off a body in front (just bad luck). I constantly tell my kids never give up the middle of the ice in our zone give them the boards and don't chase to them towards the boards just stay in the middle areas so they can't cut back behind you. Never pass it up the middle or towards the front of our net unless it's absolutely wide open all the way to the blue line and you rip the puck when passing it, never softly so it can't be intercepted or at worst it's iced. Don't skate it out in front of your net, go up the boards it's safer and when you are in trouble eat the puck in the corner or behind the net. If the puck is throw towards our net and you are under pressure and need to just get rid of the puck throw it to the corner or the boards never back up the middle of the ice. Watch how the pros play and there's where all the mistakes come from on the ice. Poor habits and the thought that they are good enough to do this without getting caught by the opposition player.

I found the Swarm concept used by the Canadiens last season in the defensive zone to be so faulty. It's a system used in the minor leagues for a reason. I never want to leave the slot area protected only by a forward or worse wide open (happen way too often by the Habs & their goalies were hung out to dry) because the forwards think automatically about offense first and defend second. The Canadiens were easily exposed late in the year because the other teams quickly figured out that they just have to get on the puck in the corner ahead or at the same time as the Habs defensemen, force them physically before the second Habs defenseman arrived to help and then quickly move the puck around to the opposite corner or to the area where the second defend just left. As a forward, I would absolutely love to be defended in front of the opposition's net by a forward not a defenseman who are used to doing that job. The winger dropping down to the slot also opened up the point man to move in or even jump in to retrieve the puck if it was pushed around to the other corner by his attacking forward. For me, this was the biggest problem with Canadiens' defense but it was used because our mobile puck movers and offensive types defenders were too small or not strong enough to win one on one battles in the corner or behind the net (not Subban or Emelin, Pateryn & Tinordi were just inexperienced). The Habs have to make more adjustments to their defensive system this season to avoid this from happening. It's more about having the right mix of puck movers and strong physical defenders that are good one on one down low. It will take time to change the defense to the right mix with the right physicality and speed.

Just my opinion!
I love this kind of discourse.

Kudos to you both, guys.

It's pretty frustrating to see prominent posters flaunt their complete lack of hockey know-how. Like the ones picking apart every goal against Price, the incessant ignorance when it comes to tactics I cannot deal with.

Therrien's defensive system allows for Bouillon to look good because he is agile but in fact sucks principally because we cannot actually defend zones and don't have the physicality to remove players from the play entirely. Bouillon isn't as bad as I was raging about but he's a 6th-dman AT BEST.

And that is why I don't trust in Bergevin. His coach is loose and juvenile when it comes to defense, his PK sucks and his taste in players is biased and poor. You can all claim that he's waiting for prospects to bloom but I see another Bob Gainey who'll spoil another batch of talented young players.

The only reprieve is if our young talented players actually surpass expectations - Price shuts the door, Galchenyuk and Eller play at a very high level, Subban dominates on the back end - then we can overcome even the mediocre vision and ability of Therrien and Bergevin.

Go Habs Go...

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