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09-23-2013, 12:51 PM
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Emery & Mason - 1A and 1B or Starter\Backup?

Both deserve their fair shot at the starter role but with Laviolette coming out and saying today that "both will be used A LOT" this season sort of scares me.

The team in front of the goalie needs to feel confident and assured that if and when a mistake occurs, there's going to be someone reliable to correct it. This hasn't been the case for quite some time which we all know played a large role in our defensive side of the game.

With yet another season underway with goalie uncertainty, I still don't see how the highest paid D-core in the league will end up playing/looking like it. Some say this is largely due to Laviolette's system and not having the proper personnel to carry it out and execute. I think that holds some water, but I still think it's a mental thing with uncertainty behind them every game.

Does anyone else feel Laviolette while basically being forced to run a battle of the goalie circus should perhaps think about naming a #1 starter officially, and then let the season play out as it goes? I know everyone is of the belief that having a 1a, 1b can create healthy competition while also getting the very best out of your goalies. I just don't know if that's what this team is really missing though. I think the fans, media, and general recent history of the Flyers is motivation enough for one of these guys to emerge and perform at a #1 goalie level.

Not knowing who your goalie is going to be on a night in and night out basis has got to be a little unnerving. I know other teams in the league have done just fine with this, but I don't think those situations really apply to what the Flyers have gone through over the years.

Above all else, I just want certainty. Whether it's from Mason or Emery, I don't care, but having yet another revolving door of goalies just spells nightmare to me again. We've seen it too much.

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