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Originally Posted by BigFatPapa View Post
Like any edited show, the quality of the interviews depend on the willingness of the guests to answer the hard-hitting questions. The structure of an edited interview is that you start with the casual questions to make the guest comfortable and then you get into the more interesting stuff but if the guest refuses to answer, you can't show a 15min interview of Briere saying nothing so you show the boring stuff.

Guy A Lepage asked Briere why he signed with the Flyers instead of the Habs a couple of years ago and Briere declined to answer and that wasn't such a tough question. Who knows what else was asked and declined
I kind of understand Briere, tho. Like he said; even if he tried to explain it, that would just raise more questions and more criticism. People didn't wanted an explanation, they wanted to be mad at him.

Defending yourself openly when people just want to be mad at you never ends well.

Originally Posted by Strik_IX View Post
Honestly, it's almost like the Quebec equivalent of not knowing the existence of Oprah
Basically that. I am not saying "you should watch it". Hell, I don't even watch it anymore, myself.

But.. if you have lived for years in Quebec and yet never came across the existence of this show, or heard it mentionned, you should re-evaluate your level of integration.

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