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Originally Posted by Strik_IX View Post
Honestly, it's almost like the Quebec equivalent of not knowing the existence of Oprah
I lol'd a bit. Found it strange. I haven't heard a single person speak of the show my entire life. Francophone, Anglophone, no one ever brought it up in person.

Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
Basically that. I am not saying "you should watch it". Hell, I don't even watch it anymore, myself.

But.. if you have lived for years in Quebec and yet never came across the existence of this show, or heard it mentionned, you should re-evaluate your level of integration.
Like I said, I know of the show but hardly worried about my level of integration. My father watches French tv constantly and I bet he wouldn't have a clue. I really never ever ever heard anyone bring it up outside of here. I stumbled on a clip on YT at one point but that's about it. I honestly didn't even know the show's name for a while, just recognized the layout and host.

Originally Posted by BigFatPapa View Post
I wouldn't say that knowing this show = integrating into society. On the other hand, I work in the field of scientific research in Montreal, we only speak english at work and about 2/3 of my colleagues are immigrants or foreign exchange students and since I'm the "local guy", I keep getting questions about the local culture (which I am glad to answer). The two most frequent topics are the rules of hockey and "who was that guy on TLMEP". I honestly have a hard time believing that you can be serious about learning on the culture of Montreal and/or Quebec without running into TLMEP.
Strange is all I could say. I've worked at companies where I was the only Anglophone there(aka, 99.9% francophone) and I never heard anyone ever bring it up. I guess people obviously knew of it but didn't enjoy the show enough to spark a convo about it.

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