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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
Except it doesn't actually work that way. They've been talking to Stepan's agent since day 1. It's the nature of Stepan's contract status that prolongs the negotiations, not anything that Sather is or isn't doing.

UFAs generally sign first because they have multiple teams bidding for their services. Teams can't afford to squeeze UFAs to take less money. The player will just sign somewhere else.

RFAs with arbitration rights don't have multiple teams bidding on them, but they have arbitrators who are likely to give the player a contract that isn't favorable to the team. The most the Rangers could have elected in arbitration for McD would have been 2 years. Do you think the arbitrator would have given McD much less than 4.7 per year? Teams have a pretty big incentive to get the deals done before they reach arbitration.

RFAs without arbitration rights have no reason to settle early, and teams have no reason to press the issue. That's why for ALL teams, not just the Rangers, these deals are usually the last ones signed. They aren't the last ones negotiated, they are simply the last ones to get done because neither side has any pressure until it gets closer to camp.

I don't care what you think of Sather, but he isn't an idiot when it comes to managing the cap. And even if he is, he has plenty of people to help him. Before they sign anyone, they come up with a plan as to which players they are going to target and how much they are willing to spend on each player.

The parameters for Stepan's contract were decided months ago. There was never any question that he would get more than 2 years. You can argue that they should have planned for a long term deal, but don't spout BS about them giving Stepan whatever is left, because all that does is show how little you understand the process.
Who cares if UFAs sign somewhere else? Set a price offer it and let them decide, if they sign somewhere else good for them.

And once again the Rangers are allowing the CBA set their terms, other teams, at least some of them have found a better way to get their RFA's without arbitration rights signed to fair contracts. This is a unique year to do so since the cap is set artificially low.

The parameters the Rangers came up with for Stepan were wrong from the get go, they should have done what other teams are doing with their core players and locked him up long term.

The whole reason the Rangers are so set on a two year deal is because that is all the space they have left for this year and next. They literally have 6 NHL players signed for next season. That is how the Rangers operate and that is how they have been operating for years.

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