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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
I lol'd a bit. Found it strange. I haven't heard a single person speak of the show my entire life. Francophone, Anglophone, no one ever brought it up in person.

Like I said, I know of the show but hardly worried about my level of integration. My father watches French tv constantly and I bet he wouldn't have a clue. I really never ever ever heard anyone bring it up outside of here. I stumbled on a clip on YT at one point but that's about it. I honestly didn't even know the show's name for a while, just recognized the layout and host.

Strange is all I could say. I've worked at companies where I was the only Anglophone there(aka, 99.9% francophone) and I never heard anyone ever bring it up. I guess people obviously knew of it but didn't enjoy the show enough to spark a convo about it.
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