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09-23-2013, 03:10 PM
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I keep reading how stepan has no leverage. I guess purely from a CBA standpoint he doesn't but I find it hard to believe as this holdout continues sather won't move towards stepan. Beaver is an inferior player at this point making double offered to stepan. The evidence will be plain to see in short order With beaver as a 1c and the fans will be calling for sathers head. Leverage can't make beaver play better or change his cap #. Beaver is relevant to steps holdout because step isn't signed, yet beaver was brought back at inflated salary despite underperforming. So on one hand your paying a player you didn't have to huge dollars yet hardball with step over couple hundred k.

Understandably, you can't cave on all contract negotiations but step is one of our top players. So while you disparage stepan I hope you enjoy the beaver.

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