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09-23-2013, 03:57 PM
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HF Oilers #2 currently only has 7 managers. I'm tempted to just run it regardless of turnout, since it's a points only league, but if any current managers have no interest, let me know and I'll just scrap the league if we don't get a few more. Sign up link is above.

I'm still looking for two competitive managers for our keeper league which is in its 7th year. Deep stat categories, deep rosters, H2H, keeping just under half of your roster (so not SUPER deep like many keeper/dynasty leagues which draft a slew of prospects). PM me if interested.

HF Oiler Rumble: We have some serious decisions to make about this season, please see the email I sent out via Yahoo below and please respond via email if possible; I'm admittedly very bad at checking HF these days and we're running out of time. Discuss here if you like too.
There's been some talk on the message board but that doesn't send notifications so here's a few important items. PLEASE respond to me ASAP so we can set things and get on with it.

1. I'm thinking of changing this to 10 managers. Every year we recruit 2-3 new ones and every year they bail. The complication with this would be how to fairly disperse the two extra rosters. I don't know if it's fair to do a snaking draft but here's a radical idea... What if we just made the players available for draft and we did an auction draft? I've been wanting to try one anyways, it's a cool concept and seems like it would be fun, and this would be an easy way to disperse the keepers fairly. I have had no interest in 2 more managers coming in so this would solve that problem. I'm also open to just a purely random order selected snaking draft, or a weighted priority draft like we did last year (something like bottom few get 3 'balls' in the draw, middle tier 2, top tier 1).

2. Pay league or no pay league? Especially if we keep it at 10, how does everyone feel about throwing even a small $20 down? Payment would be made to me via interac e-transfer.

3. Unless there are many opposed, I'm going to do my suggested increase of 2 keepers, 1 utility and 1 bench spot.

4. Don't forget to select your 12 keepers by the deadline this Friday.

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