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09-23-2013, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Ripshot 43 View Post
To answer/respond to a few...

I don't download stuff illegally. To each his/her own but I don't.

I personally didnt find the previous Dexter seasons as bad or unwatchable as Bruce Wayne has felt but I did see a noticeable drop after season 4. Probably just difficult to live up to the amazing Trinity season but it was still worth watching for me. I think that the terrible writing is really what brought down the show and in turn started to make Michael C Hall even look bad. All in all, I think many people involved in this show were phoning it in for a few seasons now.
Dexter Season 6 was unconscionable. But I kinda liked season 7, at least the stuff with the gay hitman, thought it was a bit of a rebound season. But I tapped out of this year about 2-3 episodes in...and from the sound of it, dodged a bullet.

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