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Originally Posted by AlowlyOilersfan View Post
I think the idea was to diffuse the situation, lol.

That's what Carlyle said. He threw out skill, so there wouldn't be any fights.

Didn't work out.
Carlyle screwed up, Scott was out there to fight someone.

One of Toronto's goons had just picked a fight with a guy 6 inches shorter then him and the guy got hurt. Buffalo throws out Scott to start a fight, Carlyle needs to send someone out there.

What do you expect Scott to do? Nothing? Toronto's goon had just pummelled a smaller guy, no reason he shouldn't go after a smaller guy himself if that's who they line him up against.

It'd be like Kassian picking a fight against someone a lot smaller and winning (maybe Lander). We send out MacIntyre to fight someone from Vancouver and they line up Burrows against Mac to "diffuse" the situation (of course they want to diffuse the situation, your team just picked a fight with someone a lot smaller, of course the other team will want to retaliate)... would we want MacIntyre to back off and not do anything? Or would we want Mac to throw punches at Burrows or whoever they line up against him?
I for one would want Mac to start hitting Burrows, if the other team pulls cheap crap and then try to "diffuse" the situation and not let there be retribution, I'd want my guy to get retribution on whoever they line up against him.

Carlyle knew that Buffalo was going to have Scott fight someone, rather then manning up after the one sided fight that had just occurred, they tried to run away from it. We want our guys to stick up for people when stuff like the Kassian attack happens... well that's exactly what Scott was doing, sending a message; if the opponent is trying to avoid the message being sent, well send it anyway that you have to.

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