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09-23-2013, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Adriatic View Post
Totally different situation. You can forgive Toews for that because first of all he was right and he second he's not a hyper loud mouth kid with an annoying personality that rubs veterans the wrong way. I love Subban and I wish we 10 players like him but he rubs people wrong and he'll never be captain.
I wish I could say that I'm surprised you tried to find some reasoning why it's okay for Toews but not for PK, but I'm not. Typical and lame.

PK was also absolutely right to yell at MaxPac. Max just gave a sloppy suicide pass to PK that had no interest in receiving the puck. Look at the replay, PK doesn't want the puck because he knows he can get blindsided if he takes it, that's why he does a quick redirect out of harm's way and takes the hit(major props to him for being able to do that btw, but that obviously goes unnoticed..surprise surprise..). Take into account the fact Eller got sent out on a stretcher due to a similar situation just the game before, and it is completely understandable why PK would lash out.

But this just proves the massive double standards. Even people that say they would actually love 10 players like him go out of their way to find excuses when other people do the same damn thing PK does.
It's freaking lame.

Which veteran presence did PK annoy last year exactly?? And bring some actual proof, not ridiculous beliefs spread around by moronic fans and media or hearsay.

BTW, I think lashing out on a teammate because you don't want them to place you in a critical position where their health is actually put in harm's way is a much much much more valid reason than someone wanting the puck on a 5-3. The fact you don't see it that way shows how incredible your double standard is.
Please don't try to argue your way out of this, instead just read, understand, and change your opinion that is completely flawed.

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