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Originally Posted by NJDevs26 View Post
I don't get why people universally hated the ending of Dexter...because it was unrealistic? That's what most TV is lol. Just like it's unrealistic Harrison Ford survives the 5000-foot fall into the water during the Fugitive.
Dexter could have faked his death any number of ways, the fact they had him do it with his boat was more symbolic than anything else since the boat was part of his kill routine. In some ways him being in self-imposed exile is more of a punishment than actually dying
I'm pretty sure it was more of the culmination of a crappy "ending". By ending most people mean the last season, not literally the last scene... Which I disliked as well. It was just cheesy.


-Dexter rolling his dead sister out of the hospital without being approached was rediculous. (A storm coming is no excuse).
-Dexter dumping his sister overboard like he did to so many serial killers he killed made no sense.
-Hannah walking around town like she wasn't one of the worlds most wanted fugitives was rediculous.
-Dexter allowing his son to see Hannah and walk around town going "Hi Hannah!" was mind numbing.

There are so many more but that's all I feel like typing. Force feed obvious storyline that somehow felt so unnatural to what the first years of the show got the viewer used to.

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