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09-23-2013, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by drakaar10iemechx2012 View Post
Because thats an unwritten rule in hockey. A goon the size of Scott will not start pummeling him. But he will throw him around like a ragdoll. And i am pretty darn sure that Kessel said something to Scott also.
Seriously? So you would be in front of Scott and would be willing to bet that Scott could not lose it? Players don't lose it because of that unwritten rule? And at worst...being thrown around like a ragdoll if a fun sport? Come on....You can't take the chance that wise guy Scott will remember the "unwritten rule" and give him a kiss. Kessel defended himself the way he could. And frankly, it's not like he can't fight as he proved it to the other Sabres who came and fight him...and went bleeding after....When Kessel faced a guy he could fight...he did.

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