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09-23-2013, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
The CI packages are the same I believe in terms of feeds, aren't they? I could be wrong but I thought the sports packages were uniform among providers.

Anyway, I was just talking about overall quality of the X1 and the channels compared to DirecTV. I hated Comcast before the X1. It just sucked. But now I have the X1 and I love it. There may not be as many HD channels, but none of the channels I watched on DirecTV are missing on Comcast.
CI offers all the same feeds to all providers, but DirecTV dedicates the most channels AFAIK, so they have more feeds.

CI would still be blacked out if you are in the local broadcast area. The local channel has exclusive rights to broadcast to that area, and the NHL can't override that. The move that the NFL made in the 50s to get the teams to turn over their television rights to a national package was brilliant, because they avoid issues like this.

I wouldn't recommend the ZIP code 'trick', because it is fraud and illegal, and it would be a damn silly thing to get fined over.

Complain to the FCC that Comcast isn't living up to the agreement they made when they merged with NBC, which was to make Comcast SN available to all providers.

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