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01-15-2004, 07:54 AM
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Originally Posted by All-Star
Let's look at the forwards.

Bulis Koivu Ryder -- Good two way line.

Zednik Ribeiro Dagenais -- Two good snipers with a good playmaker. This line would be expensive to upgrade. UFA or not, good scoring line players are expensive.

Sundstrom Juneau Dackell -- Experienced shutdown line they are good at what they do, plus they know the system well. If one of them gets down move Begin up and put Kilger in his place.

Langdon Begin Ward -- This line can grind with the best of them (no need to upgrade).

Sitting as it stands now:


Where would you put a new guy? Would you sit him? Perrault can probably get us a 3rd or 4th rounder. Would you sacrifice that for a pending UFA you would end-up sitting? Remember a new guy wouldn't even know Julien's system, so he would probably make mistakes until he got the hang of it. He might never get the hang of it (Audette).

The players on the team who might sit if you were to get a good enough player for Perreault are Dags and Ward (kids who need experience). The other players all bring something to the table that would be expensive to upgrade from a rebuilding team's point of view.

Unless you can get a good 3rd line centre (better than Juneau) for Perreault and Juneau, there is no real point in trading anyone. Plus trades sometimes have negative affects on chemistry, morale, and team spirit. That's why most trades happen during the summer.

We have plenty of players in Hamilton who could fill holes if we have many injuries.

It's just not worth it this year. The team just isn't ready to contend yet.

So your happy with having average or mediocre players? The guys I suggested would be 3rd liners, so only older players would be benched or traded with a pick(if BG pays remaining salary or something). That means guys like Sundstrom, Perreault, Juneau and Dackell, guys who have nothing more then other players. We have plenty of guys in Hamilton but none who can bring something this team doesn't already have, they are still too young to produce, never mind contribute in a playoff run. You can't tell me with a straight face you'd rather have Juneau, Perreault, Dackell or Sundstrom instead of players like Walz, Wright, Laperriere, Armstrong, Marshall or Dimaio. Guys who have as much leadership (or more), who have had success, who have grit and can play defense. They don,t cost much and they upgrade the team like Begin. Chemistry, Morale, Team spirit? You gotta be kidding me, this is called a hot streat, defeats will come I assure you, then people will want everyone's heads and we'll talk about the lack of a real lockerroom. Chemistry is good for the top 2 lines, and the 3rd if you actually have players that are above average grinders, which we are far from having. I'm surprised so many people defend our pathetic third line, watch some games, you'll see most teams have a shutdown line thats as good, if not much better(and cheaper) then ours.

Also, about the system, have you seen any difference with the way(the third line) they played for the last 3 years, aside from the fact they have been on the decline? 'Nuff said. Anyone who plays defense can play in Juliens system, Walz for example, is the perfect player, although I doubt MIN will want to trade him even though he's a UFA. Its funny how GMs like Lamoriello and Lacroix aren't affraid to destroy their precious chemistry and system play at the trade deadline yet it seems people are offended when I suggest that we do it with an average team. If your happy with our current squad, then your happy with a first round exit.

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