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01-15-2004, 08:51 AM
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Originally Posted by tony
i'm not questioning his work ethic or his speed but i'm pretty sure he was drafted for more than that. in 9 nhl seasons the guy has broken 20 goals one time (31)and that one time is looking like a career year for him. i'm sure his family issues did play a part in his slow start this year and that's completely understandable but it doesn't excuse him from the 8 seasons where he underperformed. really i don't see any difference in you expecting radek to break out offensively and all the fans that would love anson carter to be a physical just ain't gonna happen. dvorak is a nice player but i'd rather have a jed ortmeyer come off the farm to play that roll. at least with ortmeyer you won't be overrun with high expectations. you know exactly what you're getting. a defensively aware, hard working forward with good wheels that'll chip in with a little 'o' here and there.
I agree. If you're someone who is still expecting Dvo to put up 25-30 goals a season, then you'll be disapointed in him. But if you forget the fact that he was drafted to be a pure offensive force and accept that he'll never be a sniper, I think most teams would be happy to have a guy with his 2-way game, speed & work ethic who is still quite capable of scoring 20 goals a season. The way his line has been playing lately (Dvo, York, Torres) are going to pad his point total with assists as well.
He may not be the sniper on the line, but he's usually the guy thatcreates the chance by using his speed wide, York & Torres seem to be the finishers

He's currently struggling in Edmonton
I have to disagree, while he was struggling earlier on in the season (offensively anyway, part of what endears us to him is if he isn't producing, he still plays tenacious defense) he has really found his offensive game the last 20 games and looks to be a valuable contributor to the Oil's offense in the second half

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