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01-15-2004, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by 19
This theo fan cracks me up!
So do bitter Islanders fans.

Love the name calling here, btw. Some of it's really quite original. How many times this season have we seen Islander fans making threads about downright blasting guys like Tucker and Havlat who've happened to "bully" your poor poor team. And please, even if you want to consider my statements at Peca an excuse made to bash the Islanders, stop pretending like there's NEVER been any Ranger bashing threads in the history of HF. I find it rather amusing that Islander fans have such a hard time taking criticism about their team or one of there own players. "You this, you that, WTF is wrong with you making all this crap up about our wonderful Peca. He's a saint for Christ sakes! Nothing more then a chippy Wayne Gretzky".

BTW, I thought this was an interesting read.,1392464.story

But go ahead and keep turning the other way, afterall I'm making all this stuff up of course. The Islanders are flawless. GOD's team, even. How dare anybody question them.

By the way, I really LOVE all this smack talk coming from Islander fans concerning the playoffs in general. Here's a team that's managed to get in the last two seasons, have been bounced in the first round each year, and now all of a sudden you guys act like you OWN the playoffs. "Yeah, so when the hell are YOU going to get in??" LOL give me a break. When are the Islanders actually going to win a round? Hell, I don't even remember the last time the Islanders won a playoff round. I'm going to assume something like 1993. That's what, 11 years? How many playoff appearances have the Islanders been in since 94 anyway? But thats alright, because apparently New York Islanders ARE playoff hockey.

Get a grip

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