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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Why does spending more time in Hamilton = improved offense? It's not a magic formula that works for every player, and requires spending a lot of time with the puck on your stick as someone who the puck goes through on powerplays, etc (which isn't Bournival's game, even at the AHL level). I'd say he's someone who will develop his "kind" of offense best by learning how to fight for ice at the NHL level against NHL level checking and developing his NHL timing and comfort level.
because it almost always does? haha. Has there ever been a player that's been screwed by too much time in the AHL?

Look at the breakaway he had on Marty. With his speed now he'll get a ton of those breakaways in Hamilton and surely he'll be better able to pick those corners.

Look at Patches in his second year when he was with Metropolit and Moen. He got tons of chances but couldn't finish. Don't have to tell you the rest.

You could very well be right that he can start out on the 4th line and go from there but to say with such certainty that Bournival's type of game wouldn't benefit from playing big minutes in Hamilton seems a little spurious.

Kind of ironic that you talk of a 'magic formula' in mocking tones only to be so certain of your own idea of what's best for Bournival's development.

I just want to be clear though, I'm 50/50 on where he goes, I just don't know why you're so anti-Hamilton. His game is starting to resemble Patches a lot and could very well get similar results with the same course.

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