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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
No, it doesn't. I'm not sure what world that would be true, but as long as the team fits under the cap, the contracts are irrelevant. Having good contracts helps, of course, but having good players is better than having good contracts.

I would say that it is. Where would you put that money? Have a higher paid second pairing? Then wouldn't that second pair be overpaid? Have a higher paid third line center? Wouldn't he then be overpaid? You want the best players out there. Grossmann on the third pair is going to be worlds better than Lauridsen or Alt out there. Yes, for a bottom pair guy his price tag is a little high, but I'd rather have a guy making too much money on the third pair, but playing at a high level, than have a guy making an "appropriate" amount of money but playing at a fringe NHL level like Lauridsen and Alt likely would do. Obviously, I'd prefer a guy on an ELC that can play like Grossmann (or better), but those guys don't grow on trees.
AGREE 100%.

People are hung up on slotting salaries more so then icing the best team. When Alt and Laurisden get to the point that they are giving you competitive minutes then you can move Grossman and play them on the third pairing. I personally don't think Laurisden will ever be a full time dman on a winnign team. YES, Grossman is 2.5MM better then Alt or Laurisden. Until you can depend on either to anchor a PK or move up to the 2nd pairing for matchups then Grossmann is 2.5 better.

If you play either now over Grossmann the Flyers will spend every game trying to hide them from match ups. At some point Grossmann's production will come down and the young's production will go up and that's when you replace Grossmann's salary.

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