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11-23-2006, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Catch-22 View Post
You're right that goaltenders are the most important element but you still have to produce offense to win. Calgary and NJ have not been outplayed in goal, but they have problems producing so they don't win in the playoffs.

Montreal actually has the same problems as Jersey. We (now) have goaltending but not enough goal scorers. Hence why Ryder is more important than Ribeiro. And again, Ryder is the type that CAN produce. Ribeiro is deadweight.
umm...unless I'm mistaken and I have no idea what I'm talking about (which unfortunately could be very true...), Ryder is the type of player that needs someone that can get him the puck at the right time and place else he himself is rather a dead weight. While Ribs (and his ilk) is the type of player that needs to send the puck to the right player at the right time to produce. Meaning, one passes for the assist, the other scores. One without the other is fairly useless. I'm talking about the type of player they are.

Also saying Ribs on his career season was only riding Ryders coat tails is rather extreme unless you believe Ryder was the one who took the puck from his zone into the offensive zone and score by himself without any help from others. Or (god help us) you believe Dags was the one who assisted Ryder or the D and Ribs was just twiddling his thumbs doing nothing. On that note, who was the one assisting Dags on his goals? I rather doubt it was Ryder. And it is doubtful Dags would have done as well without Ribs.

What I'm getting at is that Ryder would not have produced as well as he has without the help from Ribs. Ryder was the goal scorer, Ribs the one dishing the assists. Saying Ribs rode Ryders coat tails is like saying Spezza rode the coat tails of Heatley and was otherwise deadweight. I'm in no way saying Ribs is in the same league (or galaxy for that matter) as Spezza but Spezza wasn't the one scoring. He was dishing out the assists which from my point of view is what Ribs does. Of course, if you think Spezza isn't worth much either, then I suppose we are at an impasse.

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