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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
Calling him 'evil' is too black-and... um... white for me. Walter White had no idea what he was getting himself into and became a product of his considerable survival instincts. It wasn't like he entered into the drug world thinking, "I'm prepared to kill people". He was totally naive to the violent path he was walking. Once he gained traction in that domain, yes, his ego kicked in big-time, and he became comfortable using violence as a tool of the trade. But that doesn't make him any more evil than Mike, Saul or Jesse, all of whom regretted violence but employed it anyway. Mike killed plenty of folks, Saul was happy to provide the personnel and Jesse shot his share of people, too. Conscious acts of evil. Walt isn't more evil than them, or Tony Soprano, or the entire cast of Game of Thrones for that matter. Walt is just really good at it.

The best characters often do evil without ever actually becoming evil. The characters from Game of Thrones have offed more people than Walter White, but in that context it seems appropriate. We accept good-guys like Rob or Ned or Calissee beheading people because that's how the moral code works in that context. Walt's no different than them; he's figured out how to survive the moral code of the drug world by doing what's necessary. But that doesn't mean he enjoys doing evil. He's no good-guy, but he's no sadist, nor is anywhere close to the cold-blooded cipher of Todd. As you said, Walt is mostly sad, unhappy and regretful -- hardly the emotional makeup of evil.

For me, Walt's character represents a great philosophical question: How much do you define a person by the intentions versus the results? There's really no right answer, but it's a cool question.
I wholeheartedly disagree.

It's not because Walt was once a nice man, that he didn't become Evil.

There's a downfall, a downward spiral, once he finds out he has cancer and there's no way he can afford treatment. He decides to get into the cooking meth business, and little by little, he becomes the mastermind and develops a very dark side.
It's not because he's also got a soft side (for his family) that you have to completely ignore his dark side and say ''oh well poor good old Walt had no choice, every time, but to kill those people''. It's just not true.

Mike is a hit man. He doesn't kill kids, so, I guess he's a good hit man
Yes, Mike is evil. So was Gus. So was a bunch of other characters, including Walt.
He's not evil in episode 1, but he certainly becomes it over the course of the series.

Jesse isn't a good guy. You feel sorry for him, because he's so weak mentally, dumb and constantly gets manipulated by Walter.
I think Walter's manipulation of Jesse alone is evil.
I don't understand how you can even try to argue that WW isn't evil after you see him let Jane go through her thing, letting Jesse alone to wake up and find out by himself, how he goes after Brock, all this only to manipulate Jesse.
He's always condescending and manipulative towards Jesse. Knowing what he's done in order to get what he wants out of Jesse, is enough to call him evil.

I think what you're doing is separating Walter White and Heisenberg.
WW is the nice family guy. He wants to spoil them, and make sure they're taken cared off. He's the clumsy innocent brilliant family oriented man.
Heisenberg is an egotistical manipulative greedy selfish man, that has no issues committing as much as murder (to whomever) in order to secure his safety and position at the top of the food chain.

If Walter suffered from schizo, then I would agree with you, he's not the evil man as He'd be doing this without really realizing.
However, he's fully aware of his decisions, and they're generally well thought through.
He's not a psychopath, but that's not the only form of evil. I would agree with you that he's not evil if he truly was always backed up into a corner. But I disagree that this is the case. On many occasions, he puts himself there because of his greed, pride or ego, and he never shows any remorse.

All the guys you mentioned are evil, Mike, Saul, and Jesse. But yes, WW is definitely more as he's the one controlling them. The only guy on par I'd say is Mike, but he's more controlled than WW.

I re-watched the whole series just two weeks ago, so everything is still very fresh. There's no way WW isn't evil.

As for your GoT comparison, I don't get it. You're talking about a fictional show set throughout different Medieval times in Western Europe. It combines different eras but is usually set between 1200-1500 period. Killings were not frowned upon during those times. It was the reality.
BB is set in the present day. Society has evolved. It's really not comparable, but yes, gutting a pregnant woman or slicing off jewels is definitely freaking evil. But just because the sociopath is more calculated and less impulsive than a psychopath doesn't mean he's not evil.

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